Rates / Packages

We offer custom packages and rates to help you get the best experience at the lowest cost.

Rates are by the hour (real time) not by person . There is a 1 hour minimum on all packages. We recommend booking a minimum of 30min/person.

Our most popular packages:

All Inclusive

**Recommended for 1st time skiers**

All Equipment Rentals
Standard 1-on-1 Coaching

Standard Package

**Recommended for Beginner/Intermediate skiers**

Standard 1-on-1 Coaching

Water Time

For skiers who are just looking for more time on the water. No coaching just pure water time

Coach at Home

NTX Ski School will come to you!
Coaching on your boat at your lake to help teach you how to ski, ride, drive, and maximize your setup

Ready to Ski?